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The Right Burial Insurance Coverage

Relieve Financial Burdens for Your Family

While costs vary based on individual variables, the average funeral costs thousands of dollars. This is true whether you choose burial or cremation. Yes, a cremation involves funeral services, which occur before the cremation, while memorial services occur following the cremation. Burial insurance will help ease the expenses your family must pay for your funeral services.

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What Burial Insurance Covers

Funeral insurance covers the costs of final arrangements, which often include:

  • Cremation process
  • The urn for ashes after cremation
  • Burial plot fees
  • The casket in which you are buried
  • The headstone at your burial plot
  • Opening the grave
  • Closing the grave
  • Transporting the casket to the burial site from the funeral home
  • Funeral home viewing

As you might imagine, these costs add up quickly. Without burial insurance coverage, your family could have thousands of dollars in expenses.

Funeral Insurance Terms

Like other insurance policies, funeral insurance has benefits and drawbacks. Benefits include low premiums and upfront payment via a lump sum shortly after your passing. Drawbacks include coverage payouts that are relatively low, with the maximum amount topping out around $35,000. Of course, the payout in your policy will depend on the coverage level you select.

Burial Insurance Premium Options

Funeral insurance premiums fall into four different categories:

  • Payout guarantee premiums: Pays your beneficiary whichever amount is higher – the original insured amount or the total amount of the premiums you paid.
  • Capped premiums: Once you reach a set age or a monetary limit, you are no longer responsible for paying your premiums to keep your coverage.
  • Leveled premiums: Locks in your rates for life based on factors like the policy’s size, your age and your gender.
  • Stepped premiums: Increasing as you age, we calculate these premiums upon annual renewal of your policy using your death benefit size, your age and your gender.

Place Your Insurance Needs in Our Hands

You will feel a burden lifted when you know you have a good burial insurance policy. The dedicated team at A+ Senior Insurance will work with you to ensure you receive the best coverage for your needs. Call us at (210) 374-3919 or fill out our online contact form.

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